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Frequently Asked Rakeback Questions

What is rake?
A percentage of each pot that poker rooms charge players to make money, the rake is usually 5% of the pot and is capped (will never be more than) at $3 per pot. Over time this can mount up to a very large sum of money which is where rakeback will be extremely beneficial to you.

What is rakeback?
Getting rake back can mean hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars being given back to you each month.

We have special deals with all featured poker rooms which means when you join a poker room (via our links and our bonus code) we arrange it so that every month you will receive a percentage of the rake you've paid, sent back directly into your poker account.
Use our rakeback calculator to see how much you'll get with our rakeback deals.

When will I start earning rakeback?
If you've followed our instructions correctly your account will earn rakeback as soon as you start playing for real money. We will confirm your account is tracking correctly as soon as we're able to do so.

Is rakeback really allowed?
Yes, most poker rooms have special deals for websites like ours so we can offer you this service. Most rakeback payments are made by the poker site themselves so your account is 100% safe if you choose to signup for rakeback.

When and how will I receive my rakeback?
Unless stated otherwise your rakeback will be paid directly into your poker account by the poker room themselves, this gives you the added security of correct and prompt payments. Payment dates vary but are generally made in the first week of the month.

Can I get rakeback with several poker rooms?
Yes! You may signup and get rakeback from every poker room we offer if you wish.

Can I get rakeback with a site I already have an account with?
Generally no, if you already have a real money account at a poker room you usually cannot create a second account for rakeback. In some instances it is allowed, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.