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Poker Acronyms

It can be extremely confusing if you have no idea what people are talking about, it doesn't help when they use acronyms and abbreviations. Here's a list of commonly used acronyms found in poker books, on poker forums and at the poker tables to help you understand a little more.

AF - Aggression factor
B&M - Brick and mortar, referring to casinos and cardrooms
BB - Big blind; also, big bet (2X the big blind)
BB/100 - big blinds or big bets per 100 hands; a big bet is 2X the big blind
BR - Bankroll
BRB - Be right back
BTW - By the way
CO - Cut-off position, last before the button
CR - Check raise
Donk - Donkey, fish, bad player
EP - Early position
EV - Expected value, usually shown as EV+ or EV-
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYI - For your information
GB - Good bet
GG - Good game
GL - Good Luck
GP - Good play
HH - Hand history
HR - Hourly rate
HTH - Hope this helps
HU - Heads-up
IMO - In my opinion
ITM - In the money
LAG - Loose aggressive, a playing style
LHE - Limit Texas Holdem
LOL - Laughing out loud
LP - Late position
MHIG - My hand is good
MHING - My hand is not good
MP - Middle position
MTT - Multi-table tournament
NH - Nice hand
NLHE - No-limit Texas Holdem
o - Off-suit, eg. 67o
OOP Out of position
OESD - Open-end straight draw
OESFD - Open-end straight flush draw
OTB - On the button
OTOH - On the other hand
PF - Pre-flop
PFR - Pre-flop raise
PLO - Pot-limit Omaha
PP - Pocket pair
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROI - Return on investment
ROR - Risk of ruin
s - Suited, eg. 67s
SB - Small blind; also, small bet
SD - Showdown; also, standard deviation
SNG - Sit-and-go tournament
STT - Single-table tournament
TAG - Tight aggressive, a playing style
TPBK - Top pair, bad kicker
TPGK - Top pair, good kicker
TPLK - Top pair, low kicker
TPTK - Top pair, top kicker
TPWK - Top pair, weak kicker
TY - Thank you
UTG - Under the gun, first seat after the big blind
UTG+1 - First position after UTG
VNH - Very nice hand
VP$IP - Voluntarily put money into pot
W$SD - Won money at showdown
WPT - World Poker Tour
WR - Win rate
WSD - Went to showdown

If you'd like to see any others added please contact us